Monday, May 24, 2004

Test Scripts == Source Code

How is it that a software development company that understands the value and importance of the code their developers write doesn't place the same value on the code their testers write? Good development processes apply to tester too. Regression test scripts are the health indicator of the development process. Build Verification Tests (BVT) or Smoke Tests are very important and, typically, rely on code written by testers.

Some mistakes I have seen in the past include:

  • Not storing scripts in a source control system
  • Not using a common/shared framework to build scripts
  • Not spending time to design or review scripts
  • Not building robust scripts that can be maintained across development cycles or even within the current cycle

There is a benefit from using test scripts. There is a cost as well. Use the same good sense you apply to your development process in your testing process.