Saturday, October 02, 2004

MSHTML Hosting - Editing

Did you know that you can turn WebBrowser into a decent WYSIWYG HTML editor? It's true and it's relatively simple. There are actually two ways to turn on the editor mode: contentEditable markup attribute, and IHTMLDocument2::designMode method. Since we are talking about embedding WebBrowser in an application, the IHTMLDocument2::designMode method is the most typical choice.

The basic steps are:

  1. Navigate to "about:blank"
  2. Wait for the blank page to load
  3. set designMode to "on"

At this point you should be able to type, select, cut, copy and paste into the WebBrowser. But more than that, the editor allows you to quickly add various kinds of HTML formatting markup, such as: Font (Name, Size and Style), Colors, Horizontal lines, Paragraph and line breaks, Justification, and Indenting. It does this through a nice little interface called IOleCommandTarget. The interface has only two methods: QueryStatus and Exec. The interface can be used with many different OLE servers, such as Microsoft Word and Excel, but it is especially useful with WebBrowser.

Using IOleCommandTarget

At the heart of IOleCommandTarget is command identifiers. All commands supported by an implementer of IOleCommandTarget must have an identifier. Here is a list of MSHTML commands. Getting an instance of IOleCommandTarget is pretty simple: QueryInterface IHTMLDocument2 for it.

IHTMLDocument2* pDoc = ...;

// Turn on editor mode

// Execute some commands
IOleCommandTarget* pCmdTarget = 0;
hr = pDoc->QueryInterface(IID_IOleCommandTarget, (void**)&pCmdTarget);
if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) {
  // do commands here
  // ...

QueryStatus provides a way to get the current state of a command. It is of limited value for most commands. Most uses include retreiving the current value of formatting commands. So, if you want to know if a command is supported, QueryStatus does the job. In addition, QueryStatus can be used to determine whether some toggle-type commands, such as IDM_BOLD, are "on" or "off". The following code checks to see if various Edit menu items should be enabled based on the current selection or clipboard contents:

OLECMD Cmnds[5];
::ZeroMemory(Cmnds, sizeof(OLECMD)*5);
Cmnds[0].cmdID = IDM_COPY;
Cmnds[1].cmdID = IDM_PASTE;
Cmnds[2].cmdID = IDM_CUT;
Cmnds[3].cmdID = IDM_DELETE;
Cmnds[4].cmdID = IDM_SELECTALL;

if (SUCCEEDED(pCmdTarget->QueryStatus(&CGID_MSHTML, 5, Cmnds, NULL)))
  bool bCanCopy = Cmnds[0].cmdf & OLECMDF_ENABLED;
  bool bCanPaste = Cmnds[1].cmdf & OLECMDF_ENABLED;
  bool bCanCut = Cmnds[2].cmdf & OLECMDF_ENABLED;
  bool bCanDelete = Cmnds[3].cmdf & OLECMDF_ENABLED;
  bool bCanSelectAll = Cmnds[4].cmdf & OLECMDF_ENABLED;

Exec is pretty simple. It provides the way to change the current value, insert a new item or perform an action. Exec allows commands to pass extra information or retrieve information via two VARIANT parameters. Some examples:

// Set current selection to bold
pCmdTarget->Exec(&CGID_MSHTML, IDM_BOLD,

// Set current selection to tahoma
                 OLECMDEXECOPT_DONTPROMPTUSER, CComVariant("Tahoma"), NULL);

// Set current selection to font size 2 (HTML font sizes, not points)
                 OLECMDEXECOPT_DONTPROMPTUSER, CComVariant(2), NULL);

// Copy current selection to clipboard
pCmdTarget->Exec(&CGID_MSHTML, IDM_COPY,


At 9:04 AM, Blogger hema said...

I am working on an project called talkative browser,for which i need to implement IOleCommandTarget interface.I want it to work as follows: My code registers a toolbar button on a web browser.When this toolbar button is clicked, some work has to be done(say retriving the URL of the current web page).
Your article has explained me about implementing IOleCommandTarget. The problem i am facing is that all the IOleCommandTarget interface related topics talk about pre defined toolbar buttons like Open,New and things like that and never about cutomized toolbar buttons like mine. How can i make this work? Also u dont know how to define the command group ids,OLECMDID's . wat will be return types.Please help me with this.
Thanks and regrads,

At 1:04 AM, Blogger Mark Finkle said...

I do not know how to do what your asking. I don't know if it's even possible. I believe you can implement your own version of IOleCommandTarget, but you need to somehow register it with MSHTML so it would be get called by the browser.

Instead of that approach, I would consider something different. You are putting a custom button on the IE toolbar. How? via Browser Helper Objects? I believe BHO's have a separate system for responding to button clicks. In any case, try a different approach.

At 9:42 AM, Anonymous Frederic said...

Hey Mark,
This is an old article but i guess that you'll read this anyway :o)
I'm trying to sort out a problem with IDM_CUT and IDM_COPY which don't do anything... QueryStatus is ok but the hresult returned for both is 0x80040104 and i don't know why...
(sorry for my poor english)

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At 2:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How? via Browser Helper Objects? I believe BHO's have a separate system for responding to button clicks. In any case, try a different approach.
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