Wednesday, July 13, 2005

UI Frameworks Are Pigs

Why are UI frameworks pigs? Because they don't love you back.

You know the story: You meet this new UI framework. It seems so fresh and exciting. You start spending more time together, just doing small stuff. Things are so easy, not forced or boring like with your previous frameworks. So what if it acts a little immature. Before you know it, your writing specialized controls from scratch, embedding large amounts of business logic and enjoying every minute of it. Your head over heels. Next thing you know, your crying yourself to sleep and listening to Barry Manilow.

Come on buddy! Snap out of it. UI frameworks don't love you back. They don't care about you. You need to watch out for yourself. Protect yourself. Isolate your code.

If your not ready to drop your current UI framework and switch to something else right now because it could take person-years to port, you have problems. If you have team members that love your current UI framework too much to want to change, you have problems.

They don't love you back.

The experiences above are not about me, but I have this friend...


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