Sunday, February 05, 2006

IE7 Changes for MSHTML Embedding

This is post is really for me more than anything else. I have been trying to find some information on what new features IE7 offers for those embedding the WebBrowser control. In the process, I also found some stuff that came out with IE6 during the WinXP SP2 timeframe.

  • DOCHOSTUIFLAG: New flags for navigation and redirect control. Also flags for enabling new "windowless" SELECT elements instead of the old "windowed" versions.
  • INTERNETFEATURELIST: This enumeration of features can out in IE6, mainly for controlling security. IE7 adds a couple new features for controlling more security stuff, tabbed browsing and builtin XMLHttpRequest. Also, it provides a way to turn off the damn navigation sounds without hacking the registry. Used with CoInternetSetFeatureEnabled and related API's.
  • Tabbed Browsing Developer Summary: Describes the effects on the DOM, shows how applications hosts can enable tabbed browsing shortcuts, and describes new notifications.
  • What's New in Internet Explorer 7: Summary of the major changes in Internet Explorer 7 of particular interest to the developers.
  • NewWindow3 Event: Showed up in IE6 XPSP2. Gives developers better control over handling new browser windows.
  • Microsoft Feeds API: An API for creating, managing, and accessing Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds.
  • Protected Mode API: Develop extensions and add-ons for Internet Explorer that can interact with the file system and registry. Includes methods to control a "Save As" dialog and save content to file.
  • Many URI related API's: CreateUri and IUri interface just for starters.

I came across most of this stuff by searching the MSDN site looking for "Internet Explorer 7 or later". I'll try to update this page as I find out more information.


At 7:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


It seems like your my best chance of getting a solution to my problem.

I am trying to get the html content of the IE window which one is active in. Not the last opened IE window (that one I could make)
but I can't figure out how to get the html content of the last IE window where you where active in.

IE also has tabs so I don't know if that means anyting.. they look like IE processes in the tastlist.

I hope you can help me out... code would be like a gift send from heaven since hints in the right direction will not help me much as I am totally a newbie:(

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